Just like that we’re closing another year of 40 Minute Mentor. 

This year, we surpassed our 200 published episodes mark and are fast approaching 1 million downloads. 

Before we kick off a brand new feature series in the new year, we asked some of our biggest 40 Minute Mentor fans for their nominations for the best episode of 2023.

From scaling teams to Founder mistakes and investment advice, our guests may range across industries but they all align on one thing – sharing pocket-sized career mentorship with you all. 

So, for one final time this year, join us to discover the best episodes of the past 12 months. 

We’d also love to know YOUR favourite episode, so feel free to drop our producer Hannah a note on ku.oc.cmbj@hannah 

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40 Minute Mentor

Harnessing the power of storytelling in VC with Day One Ventures

This week’s 40 Minute Mentor is Masha Bucher, Founder & General Partner at Day One Ventures, the VC harnessing storytelling for Founders.
Sandra Schwarzer
40 Minute Mentor

Sandra Schwarzer: Transitioning careers & putting people first at Index Ventures

This week’s 40 Minute Mentor is Sandra Schwarzer, VP C-Suite/Board & EU Talent/Community & Insights Team leader at Index Ventures. 
40 Minute Mentor: Abhishek Lahoti
40 Minute Mentor

Abhishek Lahoti: From Dropbox to Head of Platform at Highland Europe & how to navigate the US market as a Founder

This week’s 40 Minute Mentor is the brilliant Abhishek Lahoti, Head of Platform at Highland Europe, a growth stage VC.

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