“The CV is not the one thing that will or will not get you hired, there is a whole interview process…”

New year, new job?

January is a month of reset, refresh and for many, the time to scope out a new opportunity… 

No matter whether you’re in the middle of hunting for a new role, are just starting to think about it or are looking to hire into your team in 2024, our ‘Career Spotlight’ series has something for everyone. 

For our first episode, we sat down with JBM‘s team to share their top tips when it comes to building a CV that will help you secure an interview. 

Plus, we also discuss the importance of building and optimising your personal brand on LinkedIn, featuring a contribution from former 40 Minute Mentor and Founder of personal branding agency, Klowt, Amelia Sordell

Episode chapters:

➡️ Rethinking the purpose of your CV [1:12]

➡️ Communicating your achievements [2:41]

➡️ The winning structure [5:29]

➡️ First impressions and the importance of layout [7:51]

➡️ To tailor or not to tailor your CV [9:16]

➡️ Say goodbye to paragraphs [10:14]

➡️ Numbers, metrics and demonstrating data [10:45]

➡️ Addressing career gaps [11:29]

➡️ Owning the impact you’ve made [12:37]

➡️ How long should your CV be? [15:37]

➡️ Bringing your personality to paper [17:33]

➡️ Harnessing the power of your LinkedIn profile [18:07]

➡️ Getting the most out of LinkedIn [21:29]

➡️ Passion, authenticity and being realistic [23:25]

➡️ Striking the balance between personal & professional [26:40]

➡️ What do you want to be known for? [27:07] 

Helpful links:

➡️ For more career mentorship, follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jbm-consulting-ltd/?viewAsMember=true
➡️ The full episode with Amelia Sordell: https://jbmc.co.uk/insights/40-minute-mentor/the-power-of-personal-branding-with-amelia-sordell-founder-of-klowt/ 

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