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Check out the latest episode from our 40 Minute Mentor Podcast series, where you can hear directly from inspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs, gaining unique insights, advice and mentorship.

40 minute mentor

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COO Secrets with Novo Abakare, Co-Founder and COO at Syft

We’re excited to bring you our first COO Secrets episode of 2021! This episode features Novo Abakare, COO and Co-Founder of Syft – the leading recruitment platform in hospitality, industrial and healthcare. Having felt the pain of temporary recruitment first-hand, Novo and his Co-Founder Jack saw a huge opportunity in building a hassle-free staffing platforms […]

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40 Minute Mentor – Episode 39 – James Hind – Carwow

Happy New Year everyone! We’re very excited to be starting 2021 with a brand-new episode of the 40 Minute Mentor. With the recent announcement of Lockdown 3.0 in England, we can all do with some extra inspiration and motivation and that’s exactly what today’s 40 Minute Mentor is here to do. Just over a decade […]

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40 Minute Mentor – Episode 38 – Encouraging conversations about Mental Health

As we’re heading into a very different holiday season this year, today’s 40 Minute Mentor episode on mental health couldn’t be timelier, and we’re so pleased to have gathered such an inspiring panel to discuss a topic that touches so many lives. Although so much progress has been made over the last years, mental health […]

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