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Chief of Staff Secrets with Rebecca Irish of Ocean Bottle

In this Chief of Staff Secrets episode, we’re joined by Rebecca Irish, the Chief of Staff at Ocean Bottle– a reusable water bottle brand, on a mission to tackle ocean pollution.

In this interview, Becky shares her favourite thing about being a Chief of Staff, what a typical day looks like for her and the skills that helped her progress into a CoS role.

This is a great watch for anyone thinking about a move into this role, or anyone thinking about hiring a Chief of Staff!

In today's episode we find out:

Being a CoS at Ocean Bottle [00:09]
Route to Chief of Staff [01:16]
A typical day as CoS [02:12]
The main skills a successful CoS needs [03:16]
Advice for aspiring Chiefs of Staff [05:05]

Helpful links

Helpful links:

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