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We help executives and senior Operators find new challenges with real meaning, where you can help transform an early stage business and make a huge difference with your experience and skill.

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Argh! Recruiters…

We’ve all heard of recruitment horror stories.

We’ve dedicated our business to disrupting the traditional recruitment model. You won’t find any hard sells or ghosting with us. 

Here’s what makes us different…

We treat you like a person, not a product

We love helping ambitious people like you reach your goals, change your life, and find your dream role.

We’re startup specialists

We specialise in early stage, Seed to Series C startups and scaleups. We’ll connect you to the fastest growing mission-driven brands in the world.

We care more about you than your CV

We’re interested in your story, your personality, and your goals. We’re looking for a cultural fit, even if you don’t look right on paper. 

We open doors to hard to reach brands

We’re trusted by top Founders and VCs, to find outstanding candidates, often exclusively and on retainer. When we call, they’re pleased to hear from us.

What goes around comes around

Our candidates are our future clients. In fact, our clients are also future candidates. Our investment in positive relationships pays off for everyone.

We invest in the future of our community

Our popular podcast, 40 Minute Mentor & extensive free resources inspire the next generation of category-defining Founders and Executives.

“JBM are very passionate and extremely focused on diversity.

They go beyond the immediate talent pools where you would find traditional profiles and backgrounds to really unearth really talented and diverse hires.”

Elena Pantazi

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