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Want to become a COO? Wonder how others have progressed into the role? Tune into our latest COO Secrets below. 

COO Secrets with David Fogel, fractional COO and Co-Founder of Alma Angels & Bramble

In this COO Secrets episode, we’re joined by David Fogel, fractional COO/CCO and Co-Founder of Alma Angels and Bramble. 

David is a former VC, turned COO with a wealth of experience across the startup ecosystem. 

He spent over 7 years at Wefarm, the world’s largest platform for small-scale farmers, before co-founding Alma Angels, an inclusive community of angel investors who are passionate about actively investing in and supporting ambitious female Founders building Tech driven startups, with a global scale. 

Most recently, David co-founded Bramble, offering actionable insights, practical guidance and personal advice for Founders and leaders stepping into the next phase of their growth journey.

In today's episode we find out:

David’s unique road to becoming a COO [00:06]
Transitioning from VC to COO [02:14]
The biggest transferable skills [03:14]
Advice for anyone looking to move from VC to Operator [04:10]
A typical day as a COO [06:55]
Advice for any aspiring COOs [10:28]
More about Alma Angels [11:48]

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