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Ever wondered what it was like to be a CMO in a fast-growing startup or scaleup? Tune into our latest CMO Secrets below. 

CMO Secrets with Simon Le Grice, VP Marketing at Secret Cinema

From pets to immersive storytelling. 🐾 🎥

This month’s CMO Secrets guest is Simon Le Grice, VP of Marketing at Secret Cinema.

Secret Cinema creates ‘worlds’ that turn films and music into real life, large-scale cultural experiences.

In this episode, Simon shares how he went from Marketing Director to CMO, the skills he relied on when switching sectors and why it’s so crucial for today’s marketers to master both, creative and analytical skills.

In today's episode we find out:

The route to CMO [01:11]
Typical day as a CMO [02:21]
Advice on changing sectors [04:54]
Hiring in a candidate hot market [06:22]
Main skills a good CMO needs [07:20]

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