40 Minute Mentor

40 Minute Mentor - Dan Murray-Serter

40 Minute Mentor – Episode 23 – Dan Murray-Serter – Heights

In today’s episode of the 40 Minute Mentor, we had the pleasure of interviewing fellow podcast host and serial-entrepreneur, Dan Murray-Serter. Dan is Co-Founder of Heights, the holistic brand for the brain, and Co-Founder and Host of the UK’s number 1 business podcasts, Secret Leaders – one of my personal favourites. Despite initially wanting to […]

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40 Minute Mentor Video – Advice for Mentees During Times of Uncertainty

As the Covid-19 pandemic started hitting the UK and lockdown was officially announced, we thought we’d reach out to some of our 40 Minute Mentors to get their insights and advice on how to navigate this time of uncertainty. As always, they’ve come back with lots of inspiration and advice and we’re excited to share […]

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40 Minute Mentor - Episode Video - Amir Nooriala

Amir Nooriala – 40 Minute Mentor Video

Our interview with the inspiring Amir Nooriala, Chief Commercial Officer at Callsign, is now available to watch in full on our YouTube channel. Although now Amir’s a highly respected FinTech executive, he started his tech career in Silicon Valley at one of the most challenging times – just as the dot com bubble burst. Since […]

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40 Minute Mentor Sam Gyimah

40 Minute Mentor – Episode 21 – Sam Gyimah

The world of politics has always been an intriguing one to us, so we were especially excited when Sam Gyimah, the Former UK Minister for Science, Technology, Universities, and Innovation, agreed to be on the 40 Minute Mentor. Sam was born in the UK but raised in Ghana before returning to study PPE at Oxford […]

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40 Minute Mentor Amir Nooriala

40 Minute Mentor – Episode 20 – Amir Nooriala – Callsign

In recent weeks we have been having lots of conversations with candidates who are concerned about the impact the current economic climate will have had on their careers. If this has been on your mind too, then today’s episode is perfect for you. That’s because our 40 Minute Mentor today is Amir Nooriala, whose story […]

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