Today’s guest and your Mentor for the next 40 minutes is the incredible Claire Valoti from Snapchat.

Having completed a degree in politics, Claire quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be the career for her and pivoted into marketing and advertising, spending a number of years at Mindshare before making the move into Tech with Facebook. In 2016 she was headhunted to become the GM responsible for launching and growing Snapchat in Europe and has since progressed to VP International.

It was an absolute pleasure hearing about Claire’s career, which has seen her recognised as one of Business Insider’s Most Powerful Women.

In today’s conversation we discuss a whole range of topics, including:

– How Claire’s upbringing helped shape her career and how her parents instilled certain qualities and values that have helped her become the leader she is today

– How she managed to secure leadership roles at two social media giants, including Snap Inc, where she received an offer while pregnant and joined 2 weeks before the birth of her second child

– Plus, Claire’s first-hand experience of climbing the ranks in the largely male-dominated tech industry and what tech businesses can do to help promote diversity and inclusion.

Claire is one of the most inspiring and high profile female leaders in Tech and was an absolute joy to interview. She gave a truly honest and candid insight into her career and shared so many insightful pieces of advice – so whether you’re a job seeker, an aspiring GM or a leader in Tech, there is something for everyone in this episode.

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