Building The Monzo Of Supermarkets with Tom Foster-Carter

40 Minute Mentor - Tom Foster-Carter

In today’s 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by former COO of Monzo and Founder and CEO of Lollipop, Tom Foster-Carter.

Tom started his career in consulting before embarking on his Operations journey – first as Founder of both Osper and Curve, and then as Monzo’s COO where he scaled the business to 4 million customers and the team from 30 to 1,000, in just 2 years.

In May 2020, Tom decided to take yet another entrepreneurial leap and launched his latest venture Lollipop – a grocery Startup widely known as “the Monzo of supermarkets”.

With his wealth of experience in launching and scaling rocketships, Tom was a great 40 Minute Mentor, and shares some really interesting insights in this episode, including:

  • The highs and lows from his journey as a three-time Founder and how he’s applying the lessons learned to his latest venture, Lollipop.
  • How he scaled the Monzo team from 30 to 1,000 and his advice for any aspiring COOs wanting to embark on a similar journey.
  • And the importance of not defaulting to always putting work first and his own experience of learning to strike a better balance.

Whether you’re a Founder yourself, an aspiring COO or a seasoned COO about to make the switch to CEO – Tom shares some incredible useful advice for your next chapter ahead.

And a special thank you to our sponsors for this Series –  Chipper Cash. The team have been on an incredible journey, having launched their borderless way to send money across Africa and beyond, in 8 countries so far and are widely considered to be Africa’s most valuable Start up. To find out more,  head over to their website, or tune into our 40 Minute Mentor episode with their Co-Founder and CEO, Ham Serunjogi.

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