Operator To VC

“It’s a really great time if you want to learn how to be a disciplined Investor and to really be able to hunt down the best Founders and best opportunities.” 

In the final part of our bite-sized VC feature series, Rosie Barnett, Principal at Delin Ventures, talks to us about navigating the current landscape and shares tangible advice for any Founders, looking to fundraise. 

This episode is jam packed with advice – no matter, if you’re a Founder looking for investment or an aspiring VC, looking to get a foot in the door. 

Have your notebooks ready and if you haven’t already, make sure you catch up on the previous 3 parts of this feature series. 

Helpful links:

➡️ More about Rosie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosie-barnett-672329134/ 

➡️ Check out Delin Ventures: https://www.delinventures.com/ 

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