Moving on to a different career path will always be a daunting prospect and it can be difficult to know how best to approach it. We regularly hear from candidates who are looking to make the shift and aren’t always sure where to start. And equally, from clients, unsure about taking a risk on someone with a different or out of the ordinary background.

If you’re in this position, then you’re going to love today’s episode as our guest tells you all about his remarkable career change.

Chris Severson has never been one to shy away from risk. Having started his career in the US Marine Corps as a TOPGUN fighter pilot, he took his adventurous approach into his post military career, successfully making the switch into leadership roles in the corporate and start up worlds. Chris has held senior positions across Barclays, Atlas Mara, Digicel and most recently at PMI, and has lived in the USA, the Middle East, Switzerland and the Caribbean.

As Chris explains in today’s episode, making a career change is going to be hard work, no matter your background, but building a great network is the key to success.

During our conversation we elaborate further on the power of networking and dig deeper into how leveraging your innate capabilities can help you as a leader. Some of the topics we discussed, include:

– His experience of transitioning from a high pressure and disciplined military career into the private sector. Plus, how his background as a Marine taught him to be an enthusiastic leader and communicator.

– The importance of networking when changing careers and how best to ‘find your tribe’ and build good relationships online and offline.

– And his advice for building a high performing team. From hiring people smarter than himself, to his favourite interview question – it’s certainly one that might catch you off guard!

Chris has been a candidate, client and friend of JBM, as well as a personal inspiration to James throughout his career. He is an amazing and charismatic leader, so it was fascinating to dig deeper into his diverse and exciting career journey. We’re sure you’re all going to really enjoy this one – especially any of you who are fans of the movie Top Gun!

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