In this 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by Wing Chan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sourceful – the Index Ventures backed all-in-one platform bringing together tools, data and products companies need to make their supply chains more sustainable. 

Before starting Sourceful, Wing had an amazing career climbing the ranks at The Hut Group, where he became CMO at the age of 25 and CTO at 28. 

Combining both his experience of leading teams of hundreds of people and jumping into Founder life, Wing shares some candid mentorship throughout our conversation, including: 

➡️ His refreshingly honest leadership advice for any aspiring executives and the key areas you need to focus on when working with emerging talent. 

➡️ The ups and downs he’s faced as a mission-driven Founder and how their purpose is helping them build an incredible team culture at Sourceful. 

➡️ And his advice for anyone listening, starting with the C-Suite to the Junior level, looking to make their business more sustainable. 

💙A big thank you to our Sponsors: 

Chipper Cash – an African cross-border payments company trusted by over 4 million users. The team has been on an incredible expansion journey and is hiring for some exciting roles. If you want to be part of their mission to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, one transaction at a time, head over to to find out more.

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➡️ To find out more about Wing, head to

➡️ To learn more about Sourceful, check out 

➡️ Our episode with Chipper Cash’s Founder & CEO, Ham Serunjogi –

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