40 Minute Mentor - Mission Driven Businesses

Since we started the 40 Minute Mentor podcast, we had the honour of speaking to so many mission-driven founders who have shown that business can be a force for good.

They’ve been full of insights and inspiration, which is why we’re excited to bring you this compilation of our favourite moments from our conversations.

You’ll hear from 11 amazing people who are all making a positive difference in a variety of ways:

  • Alex Stephany, on what inspired him to start Beam, the world’s first online platform that crowdfunds employment training for homeless people.
  • Jenny Costa, who discusses how her company, Rubies in the Rubble, creates condiments with a conscience from unwanted fruit and veg.
  • Tessa Clarke on how she scaled up her free food sharing app Olio with no budget into a global success story.
  • Kresse Wesling CBE, and how her mission to stop the nation’s landfills overflowing has become an award-winning business creating luxury goods from reclaimed material.  
  • Mo Gawdat on the tragedy that shaped his mission to spread joy through the One Billion Happy movement.
  • Rachael Crook who was inspired to create a better caregiving system both for carers and those providing care, through her Lifted platform.
  • Sophie Adelman co-founder of White Hat, now Multiverse, on how they’re helping to unleash potential by providing apprenticeship programmes.
  • Henry Faber and Walter Kerr on the thinking behind Oppidan and the transformative power of a platform that pairs pupils with mentors.
  • Juliet Davenport, the brains behind green energy supplier Good Energy, on the small changes we can all make to have a big impact. 
  • Dan Murray-Serter, founder of supplement provider Heights, who gives the low down on the nutrients your brain needs to stay healthy.   
  • And Martin Morales on how his success in the music business, as a restauranteur and setting up social enterprises, has been influenced by his life experiences.

Whether you run your own social enterprise or are thinking of starting one, you won’t want to miss this compilation of inspiring stories in this episode.

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