40 Minute Mentor with Dominic McGregor

In this final 40 Minute Mentor episode of Series 6, we’re joined by the Founder and former COO of Social Chain, and now a Founding Partner of Fearless Adventures, the brilliant Dominic McGregor.

A lot of you will be familiar with the incredible journey Social Chain and their team have been on. At a very young age, both Dominic and his Co-Founder Steven Bartlett, have built a unique company culture, based on the drive to make it work for their team, even if that meant ripping up the corporate rule book and setting new standards within the industry.

Although not an easy journey, they saw some great success over the years having grown Social Chain to over 750 employees across 24 offices worldwide, and ultimately taking it to IPO.

We loved having Dominic on the podcast – he spoke with such humility and honesty, and we managed to dig deeper into some really interesting topics, including:

  • Social Chain’s journey to IPO including some of the hardest challenges they had to overcome alongside their growth journey.
  • Dominic’s candid advice for any fellow COOs and his personal insights into making the relationship between Co-Founders work.
  • And his personal struggles along the way, including his battle with his alcohol addiction.

Whether you’re a Founder or an aspiring COO looking to join a high-performing business, we know you’ll take so much great advice from this episode with Dominic.

And a special thank you to our sponsors for this Series – Chipper Cash. The team have been on an incredible journey, having launched their borderless way to send money across Africa and beyond, in 8 countries so far and are widely considered to be Africa’s most valuable Start up. To find out more,  head over to their website, or tune into our 40 Minute Mentor episode with their Co-Founder and CEO, Ham Serunjogi.

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If you want to find out more about Fearless Adventures, head over to – https://fearlessadventures.co.uk/

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