Bouncing Back From Redundancy And Depression To Build A Multi-Million-Pound Property Portfolio, with Ellie McKay

40 Minute Mentor: Ellie McKay

“When people say that money doesn’t make you happy, they’ve often not experienced both extremes.”

For our final 40 Minute Mentor episode of this Series, we’re joined by Ellie McKay, property entrepreneur and host of the popular ‘On A Mission’ Podcast

Not long ago, Ellie’s life was barely recognisable – raising three children under the age of five, battling postnatal depression and facing redundancy. 

Fast forward to today, Ellie is a serial entrepreneur, building a multi-million-pound property portfolio. 

How she got here and the main lessons learned throughout her journey, she shares with us in today’s episode. 

We talk about:

➡️ Watching her parent’s business and marriage dissolve [05:56] 

➡️ How those childhood experiences shaped her [08:50] 

➡️ The failure of her first property investment [11:50] 

➡️ Becoming a career advisors in prisons [13:00] 

➡️ Advice for those looking for work after having been to prison [16:47] 

➡️ Facing redundancy with three children under the age of five [20:31] 

➡️ The moment when she knew she had to turn her life around [23:04] 

➡️ Advice for anyone facing redundancy [25:35] 

➡️ James’ podcast recommendation [28:34] 

➡️ Getting back into the property business [29:57] 

➡️ Advice for other wanting to get into property [32:53] 

➡️ Building a business with her husband and navigating conflict [35:15] 

➡️ More about her ‘On A Mission’ Podcast [40:16] 

➡️ Her most memorable interviews [43:08] 

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➡️ More about Ellie: 

➡️ Listen to On A Mission: 

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