Today is the final part of our ‘Where Are They Now’ feature series, ahead of launching Series 7, with some more brilliant 40 Minute Mentors. We cannot wait! 🙌

Finishing this mini series on a high, today we catch up with the brilliant Ezechi Britton MBE, Co-Founder of Code Untapped and Founding Member and Principal at Impact X

Last time Ez came onto 40 Minute Mentor, he joined our Social Mobility panel discussion, talking about how barriers need to be broken down and more opportunities need to be created for people from underrepresented communities. 

Since that episode, Ez has been on a brilliant journey himself – including Marshmallow, one of Impact X’s portfolio companies going from zero to a billion dollar valuation and receiving an MBE from the Queen for his services to Diversity and Young People.

Today’s episode is packed with great advice and mentorship, including: 

➡️ His insights on why underrepresented Founders see problems that others miss 

➡️ What it felt like to find out about his MBE 

➡️ And actionable advice on what we can all do to help advance social mobility in the UK and beyond. 

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