JBM Willian and Sienna

This weekend Fathers across the UK will be celebrating the journey of parenthood with their children and JBM’s very own James and Tim will be no different! With the big day looming, I wondered how one manages starting a business, being a full time recruiter and a dad all at the same time?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they both highlighted that becoming a dad created a real sense of purpose when it came to making the business a success. Whilst their approach to the job didn’t change (honesty, transparency and trust are still key) the ‘raison d’être’ for JBM did. Basically the thrill of being an entrepreneur and building a recruitment business with a difference took on a whole new meaning when its success literally translated to keeping food on the table. Tim explains – “there is a very real awareness that you are spinning plates, that you need to make this a success which really drives you, it’s exciting.” He added, “there’s also a very simple remedy for coping with sleep deprivation and growing a business – copious amounts of caffeine!”

For James the birth of his daughter, Sienna, gave him some much needed rejuvenation when it came to growing JBM. In the month preceding her birth JBM hit its two year stage, was growing from strength to strength, a team of two had grown to four and there were multiple searches underway (including our first international mandate!). For James there was a real sense that the pace needed to increase and having a child presented a new motivation to be ambitious – “there was a realisation you can’t fail now, the only option is success; I really needed that motivation”.

Fast forward to today and JBM has grown to a team of seven, opened an Insurance practice and is growing its FinTech presence. The JBM Dads attribute much of their success to hiring a supportive team and being understanding of each other. The babies were born six weeks apart which meant that every anxiety and fear one was going through, the other could relate. They both sought to make JBM’s approach to work and family as flexible and adaptable as possible.

As a recruitment firm speaking to candidates on a daily basis, we benefit from knowing how people can struggle getting back in to the flow of work after having a family. Luckily as a small business we can be flexible, which so far is making for a healthy work/life balance.

The overarching theme which came from our resident Fathers (apart from the importance of developing a repertoire of solid Dad jokes) is that building their families gave them a better sense of how to develop their business family. Fostering a supportive culture, where family comes first and everyone is a part of it, is very important to them.

JBM is very much a family business and anyone who comes on that journey (employee, candidate or client!) joins the clan.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

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