Do you want your next job to be in Financial Technology industry but are not sure how to break into it?

Here are our top 5 steps to help you pivot into the industry.

  1. Know you Fin from your Tech
    To excel at any interview, doing your research will help you stand out over other candidates. FinTech has a lot of nuances and is constantly changing, though it is incredibly accessible with plenty of commentary and analysis to digest. Page 182 of the Digital Economy 2018 report is a good place to start your research.
  2. Map your experience and skill set to the role you are applying for
    Coming from a more established institution you might not have direct experience of the industry, but take the time to map the work you have done and the skills you have acquired to the job role you are interested in. Make these connections clear in your CV. Don’t make it hard for the hiring manager to see what they want!
  3. Demonstrate a startup mindset
    FinTechs are working in exciting new ways. These new ways of working require a different mindset where you might be expected to get involved in all aspects of the business as and when required. Often our FinTech clients are not looking for a specific skill set that can complete a particular task. They are looking for a good cultural fit for their team. For a person that understands and buys into the vision of where the company is going and is excited by the journey to bring something new to market that will change the financial landscape.
  4. Build your network
    Building relationships with people already in the industry, or with recruiters such as ourselves who specialise in the industry, helps you become aware of opportunities before your peers. Networks also will help you build industry knowledge and introduce you to options you might never have considered or known exist.
  5. Prepare your pitch
    Prepare a short summary that describes who you are, your background and what you are specifically looking for in a job. It’s crucial to be able to deliver your pitch with enthusiasm and confidence so you make the right first impression when you begin networking or when being interviewed. And remember, you need to be clear as to why you’re looking at FinTechs specifically.

If you are keen to get into the industry, do get in touch with us and see whether we can help you make your FinTech move.

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