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Navigating uncertainty & looking after your mental health – Webinar

James Mitra

James Mitra

Navigating uncertainty webinar

Given what we do at JBM, we’re acutely aware that the coronavirus pandemic has affected many people’s jobs, livelihoods and overall wellbeing.

We’ve spoken to a number of candidates and clients over the past few weeks, and understandably there are increased levels of anxiety for many, as we struggle to adapt to this new norm.

So with that in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to speak to some experts about how we can try to navigate these uncertain times and protect our mental health, at the same time. This is why we ran a webinar with Blacklight Advisory Ltd‘s Ajit Menon and Trevor Hough. As a leading organisational psychologist and a clinical psychologist, Ajit and Trevor shared some really great insights into coping with anxiety, including:

  • The different ways anxiety can manifest and what it does to your brain
  • Dealing with the blurring of boundaries between your work and personal life
  • How to support your team and be a strong leader during times of crisis


You can now watch the full recording, including our Q&A, below.

If you have any questions following the webinar, please feel free to get in touch with us at