40 Minute Mentor

May 22, 2024

Avion Gray: Raising the largest pre-seed round as a female Founder in Europe 

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is Avion Gray, Co-Founder and CEO of Belong, a new wealth-building platform. 

Avion started her career in investment banking, before working as Head of Product & Commercialisation at industry-leading POS systems and merchant service provider Clover, where she oversaw the launch and expansion of the business in the US and across Europe. 

Following her deep drive to do something that she could bring every aspect of her being to, Avion is now building Belong, together with Co-Founder and behavioural economist, Samantha Rosenberg. 

Having only recently come out of stealth, Avion and Samantha have already built incredible traction in the market, including having raised the largest pre-seed round ever raised by female Founders in Europe. 

We unpack all that and much more in today’s episode.

Avion Gray
“Fundraising can be exhausting, so it’s really important to spend time with the right people who just won’t waste your time […], pay attention and ask the right questions.” 

Avion Gray

Tune in to discover

Avion’s upbringing & education being the biggest equaliser [03:57]
Finding her entrepreneurial spirit [07:00]
Career foundations [09:00]
Clover’s expansion to the US and Europe [11:30]
Taking the leap into entrepreneurship [14:20]
The paradox of wealth [16:40]
More about Belong [18:32]
Nick Hungerford’s mentorship [24:18]
The sacrifice for entrepreneurship [29:07]
Raising the biggest pre-seed round in Europe [32:23]
Practical advice for wealth building [37:40]
Audience Question: How would you describe Belong’s culture? [41:42]

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Connect with Avion: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aviongray/?originalSubdomain=uk 

➡️ Find our more about Belong: https://www.be-long.co/

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