40 Minute Mentor

October 4, 2023

Bringing Familiar Financial Services to Migrant Communities, with Nina Mohanty, Co-Founder of Bloom Money 

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is the brilliant Nina Mohanty, Co-Founder of Bloom Money, a FinTech bringing familiar financial services to migrant communities. 

Nina created Bloom Money based on her own lived experiences, as a child of immigrants and having relocated to multiple countries herself. 

Today, we’ll discover what led her to entrepreneurship, riding the ups and downs of an early-stage startup and her very candid insights into her own fundraising experience. 

Nina Mohanty on 40 Minute Mentor
“Immigrants start businesses that add to the local economy and we are very excited to be a growth engine for that.”

Nina Mohanty

Tune in to discover

Her struggle with hustle porn and hustle culture [06:04] 
Growing up in Silicon Valley and starting her career in FinTech [08:37] 
Bloom Money’s origin story [15:50] 
Fixating on the losses and under-celebrating the wins [20:02] 
The recipe for burnout, a lesson in Founder wellbeing [22:00] 
The future of Bloom Money & reaching more communities [24:46] 
Fundraising stories and advice for fellow Founders [29:06] 
Advice for getting into FinTech & making the industry more inclusive [36:11] 
Why she has a difficult time with referrals [37:34]
Audience question: Making financial literacy a priority for all [42:41]

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Helpful links

➡️ Connect with Nina: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ninamohanty/ 

➡️ Find out more about Bloom Money: https://bloommoney.co/ 

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