40 Minute Mentor

Episode 13

December 20, 2019

Building A Multi Million Pound Agency for Gen Z with Timothy Armoo

In today’s episode I get to talk to a guest who has been described as “one of the UK’s most hotly-tipped young entrepreneurs”: co-founder and CEO of Fanbytes, Timothy Armoo.

Timothy started his first ever business at the tender age of 14 and sold his second business at just 17. In 2017 Timothy and his co-founder, Ambrose, started the ‘Gen Z’ focused advertising agency, Fanbytes.

Fanbytes specialises in helping brands reach the ‘Gen Z’ audience through popular social media channels like Snapchat and TikTok. Using their specially developed algorithm they search out the future stars of social media and connect them with global brands to create impactful campaigns.

Their unique approach has drawn a high-profile client base and they’ve already worked with some of the world’s biggest brand names such as Apple Music, Warner Brothers, Deliveroo and Universal.

Since launching the business they’ve grown rapidly, and Timothy and Ambrose now lead an award-winning team of 30. Helping their clients make an impact with Gen Z buyers.

In today’s interview we cover some really interesting topics; going all the way from Timothy’s teenage years starting his first business through to how he’s growing and scaling a team working with global brands.

“There was no diversity of thought. If you think about hiring like building a human body – we kept hiring left arms and had no right arms or legs…”

Timothy Armoo

Tune in to discover

30 second CV [03:03]
Upbringing & becoming an entrepreneur [03:41]
Starting the entrepreneurial journey [13:47]
Starting & growing Fanbytes [21:09]
The scrappy days [25:14]
Getting through to Gen Z [30:00]
Hiring & growing the business [34:24]
Evolving your culture [38:08]
Dealing with pressure [44:58]
Mentorship [48:12]

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➡️ If you want to find out more about Timothy check out his LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothyarmoo/ 

➡️ If you want to find out more about Fanbytes you can have a look at their website – https://fanbytes.co.uk/

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