40 Minute Mentor

September 4, 2023

Building A Robust Go-To-Market Strategy with Tarun Gidoomal

In today’s bite-sized 40 Minute Mentor episode, we take a deep dive into a core component of any successful startup – the Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy.

To guide us through the essential components of building and executing a GTM strategy, we’re joined by Tarun Gidoomal

Tarun has led some of Europe’s most notable tech Scaleups, including Next Jump, where he led its international expansion to reach £3bn GMV, and more recently, at Ankorstore, where as UK GM he established its footprint in the UK as it became one of Europe’s fastest growing tech unicorns.  

Tarun Gidoomal
“The most impactful piece of advice I got early on in my career was – You need to grow where you’re planted.” 

Tarun Gidoomal

Tune in to discover

His upbringing and career to date [01:30] 
The fundamentals of a GTM Strategy [03:40] 
Examples of successful GTM Strategies and mistakes made [06:38] 
Getting buy-in across the team [10:31] 
Questions to ask to assess your team culture [12:53] 
The most impactful career advice he’s received [14:37] 
Startup life and dealing with burnout [17:11] 

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➡️ Connect with Tarun: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tarungidoomal/  

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