40 Minute Mentor

April 13, 2022

Building Purpose-Led Brands with Natalie Graeme (Uncommon) & Orr Vinegold (Unrest)

“There’s a general recognition that doing good is good for business – and that applies at all levels of business.” 

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming not one, but two amazing mentors to 40 Minute MentorNatalie Graeme, Co-Founder of Uncommon Creative and Orr Vinegold, Co-Founder of Unrest

Uncommon Creative is an award-winning creative studio building brands that matter, make a difference and brands that people in the real world actually wish existed. And Unrest is an accelerator programme fuelling the fire of entrepreneurs challenging the status quo. Two fantastic businesses with inspiring missions, which we’ll find out more about in today’s episode.

With decades of marketing and brand building experience, Orr and Natalie share some great advice and mentorship in this episode, including: 

  • The key lessons they learned when starting out in their career, including working with both big corporates and Startups [12:07]
  • Why Natalie decided to leave big agency names to start Uncommon with her Co-Founders [16:06] 
  • Why Orr and his Co-Founder, Pan, started Unrest and how it’s different to other Startup accelerators out there [21:46] 
  • How Unrest and Uncommon are working together to build purpose-led brands of the future [27:18] 
  • How brands have evolved over the last years [31:13] 
  • What fundamentals you need to embed early on to help you build a purpose-led brand [35:53] 
  • What we can all learn from industry leaders, like Patagonia [39:37] 
  • How you can embed purpose in your culture from day one [45:31] 
  • And why it’s so important that you, as a Founder, prioritise your mental health and Orr and Natalie’s top advice for doing so [50:50] 

💙A big thank you to our Sponsors:

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⛳️ Helpful links:

➡ ️To find out more about Uncommon Creative, head to: https://uncommon.london/ 
➡ ️To find out more about Unrest, head to: https://www.unrest.world/ 
➡ ️To learn more about Natalie, check out her LinkedIn profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-graeme-93608b4/
➡ ️To learn more about Orr, check out his LinkedIn profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/orr-vinegold/ 
➡ ️Our episode with Chipper Cash’s Founder & CEO, Ham Serunjogi – https://jbmc.co.uk/insights/40-minute-mentor/unlocking-global-opportunities-with-chipper-cashs-ham-serunjogi/ 

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