40 Minute Mentor

September 13, 2023

Building The Uber of Volunteering & Starring on Dragons’ Den with Sanjay Lobo MBE, Founder & CEO of OnHand

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor epitomises what it means to be Tech for Good. 

We’re joined by Sanjay Lobo MBE, the Founder & CEO of OnHand – the all-in-one tool to engage your team in volunteering and environmental action. 

Dubbed the ‘Uber of volunteering’, OnHand lets employees learn and take action on the issues that matter. 
You may even recognise Sanjay from his recent appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, where he successfully secured investment from FOUR dragons. 

40 Minute Mentor with Sanjay Lobo
“There’s some horrible sacrifices in the first few years to get it to a place where it’s got to survive…”

Sanjay Lobo

Tune in to discover

Finding his path to entrepreneurship [04:02]
Moving from law into tech [06:58]
Engaging employees in volunteering and environmental action [13:45]
The significance of a great team in a scaling business [15:08]
Managing stress and pressures as a Founder [16:38]
Business benefits of company-wide volunteering opportunities [22:08]
Advert: More about JBM [25:36] 
A Behind the Scenes look at Dragons’ Den [27:10]
Advice for other Founders looking to get on Dragons’ Den [31:13] 
Applying to OnHand [35:10]
Audience Question: Advice for anyone starting their volunteering journey [38:51]

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Helpful links

➡️ Connect with Sanjay: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaylobo/ 

➡️ Find out more about OnHand: https://www.beonhand.co.uk/

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