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January 17, 2024

Career Spotlight: The Advisory Role – everything you need to know

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into an increasingly popular, yet often unspoken about role – the advisory role.

To help us cover the ins and outs of the role, how you can land your first gig and the benefits to Founders, we’re joined by JBM Principal, Marina Maxwell and Chris Seigal, Advisor to D2C brands.

So, whether you’re already an advisor, you’re starting to think about making the move into advisory work or you’re a Founder thinking about making this hire – this episode will cover some of the most frequent questions we get asked.

Advisory Spotlight
“Founders often don’t have someone outside of the business that they can be really vulnerable with…that’s where an advisor can help.”

Marina Maxwell & Chris Seigal

Tune in to discover

What is a Startup advisor? [3:42]
The rise and power of advisory roles [6:02]
From side-hustle to full-time advisor [8:44]
The rewards and benefits [9:39]
What to expect from the day-to-day [11:57]
How Founders benefit [14:28]
Positioning yourself when starting out [17:26]
Being transparent and navigating pricing [18:43]
Working with headhunters [22:00]
The value of high-quality advisors [25:24]
Ready to hire? Advice for Founders [29:44]
Building a curious culture [31:18]
Hone the pitch, build momentum, gain confidence [33:28]
Navigating imposter syndrome [35:24]

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