40 Minute Mentor

March 23, 2022

Closing The Financial Literacy Gap With Your Juno Founders Margot & Alexia de Broglie

In this 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by sisters, Margot and Alexia de Broglie, Co-Founders of Your Juno – an app widely referred to as ‘the Duolingo of Finance’ and on a mission to empower women and non-binary people through financial education. 

At a time when only 2.2% of funding goes to female led tech companies, Your Juno raised an amazing £1.6 million to close the financial gender gap, in a funding round led by InReach Ventures alongside a board of predominantly female angel investors.

In today’s episode we get an exclusive insight into Your Juno’s amazing journey from conception to over 10k downloads, including: 

➡️ How building an app that’s one of its kind has meant focusing on consumer education and putting community first. 

➡️ The three essential criteria they look for when hiring and how initially hiring freelancers who have now gone perm has helped them build the incredible Your Juno team to date.

➡️ And insights into how big the financial literacy gap really is and what it takes to close this knowledge and confidence gap. 

💙A big thank you to our Sponsors: 

Chipper Cash – an African cross-border payments company trusted by over 4 million users. The team has been on an incredible expansion journey and is hiring for some exciting roles. If you want to be part of their mission to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, one transaction at a time, head over to https://bit.ly/40mmsponsor to find out more.

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⛳️ Helpful links:
➡️ To find out more about Margot, head to https://www.linkedin.com/in/margot-de-broglie/
➡️ To find out more about Alexia, head to https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexia-de-broglie/
➡️ To learn more about Your Juno, check out https://www.yourjuno.co/ 
➡️ Our episode with Chipper Cash’s Founder & CEO, Ham Serunjogi – https://jbmc.co.uk/insights/40-minute-mentor/unlocking-global-opportunities-with-chipper-cashs-ham-serunjogi/

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