40 Minute Mentor

May 29, 2024

Dr Rupy Aujla: The accidental business that helps millions of people eat healthier every day

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is Dr Rupy Aujla, Founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen and best selling cookbook author. 

Rupy is a trained medical doctor turned startup Founder – a path that was never really part of his plan. 

If you haven’t come across The Doctor’s Kitchen yet, you might recognise Rupy from his cookbooks, his popular podcast, or seen him featured on TV shows across the BBC, ITV or Channel 4. 

It was a huge honour to have him join 40 Minute Mentor and candidly talk to us about his experience as a doctor, what led to The Doctor’s Kitchen, the startup lessons he had to learn quickly and lots of easy to follow advice for all of us to eat healthier and better.

Rupy Aujla
“Had I continued along my path, I could have a very successful private and NHS GP practice. I could be earning multiples of what I’m allowing myself to earn right now. The stability that I can provide for my family is, quite frankly, limited.”

Dr Rupy Aujla

Tune in to discover

Rupy’s upbringing and his parents wanting him to go into business [04:05]
Finding his love for medicine [07:25]
The accidental business that became The Doctor’s Kitchen [10:10]
Dealing with imposter syndrome [12:43]
Transferable skills from medicine to business [15:10]
The Doctor’s Kitchen App [17:55]
Podcast recommendation: Strategy & Tragedy [20:13]
The Doctor’s Kitchen impact to date [21:50]
Pivots & bootstrapping everything [25:20]
Why entrepreneurship should be simple [29:00]
What a truly well-balanced diet looks like [34:35]
Audience question: Learning about food in schools [41:50]

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Connect with Rupy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rupy-aujla?originalSubdomain=uk 

➡️ Check out The Doctor’s Kitchen: https://thedoctorskitchen.com/ 

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