40 Minute Mentor

Episode 1

April 10, 2019

Following The Less Travelled Path with Charlene Chen

Today’s guest and our first 40 Minute Mentor is Charlene Chen, COO at BitPesa.

BitPesa is an online payment platform that leverages Blockchain technology to significantly lower the cost and increase the speed of business payments to, from and within sub-Saharan Africa.

I sat next to Charlene at an Innovate Finance dinner a couple of years ago and we instantly hit it off, sharing very similar views on the importance of people, culture and mentorship. She had a fantastic energy and I found her passion for BitPesa was infectious.

Charlene’s story is a really interesting and inspiring one that shows what you can achieve if you chose to follow the path less well travelled.

Having started her career in Consulting she decided to take some time out to complete an MBA which led to her moving to Ghana for 3 months to work with the Tech Start up, Busy Internet.

This trip opened her eyes to the opportunities that existed in Africa and after completing her MBA she went back to work with companies across Kenya and Tanzania for the best part of the last decade before moving to London to launch BitPesa.

Whether you’re thinking about launching your own start up, considering an MBA or thinking of going to work in a different country or continent, there’s something in here for everyone.

Charlene Chen

Charlene Chen

Tune in to discover

Background & passion for social entrepreneurship
Taking your career to Africa
BitPesa's origin story
Advice for aspiring & early-stage Founders
DE&I and sponsoring women at work
Advice for career pivots
Biggest inspiration

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Helpful links

➡️ If you want to find out more about BitPesa you can check out their website – www.bitpesa.co

➡️ If you want to find out more about Charlene you can check out her LinkedIn profile – www.linkedin.com/in/charlenechen

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