40 Minute Mentor

September 6, 2023

From Being The First Female Managing Partner at SoftBank to Building a Portfolio Career with Catherine Lenson, Angel Investor, Founder and Venture Partner at LocalGlobe

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is the brilliant Catherine Lenson, Angel Investor, Founder, Venture Partner at LocalGlobe and CEO of Andante Advisory. 

Catherine has had a hugely successful career, having spent her formative years at UBS and becoming the first female Managing Partner at SoftBank. 

Today, Catherine is the Founder and CEO of Andante Advisory, a boutique consultancy firm which operates as a trusted partner to senior executives and leading organisations on Culture, People and Purpose. 

She is also a Venture Partner at LocalGlobe, an angel investor in early-stage tech companies across the UK, US and Israel, and is the UK’s first Fair Play facilitator

40 Minute Mentor with Catherine Lenson
“Everything I have done has centred around teams and individuals, and how do you get the most out of them…” 

Catherine Lenson

Tune in to discover

Reliving her days when a rogue trader almost brought down UBS [03:32] 
The privilege of entrepreneurship [05:29] 
From her love for music to Cambridge and ending up in London [06:39] 
Scaling from 20 to 500 people in four years [10:04] 
Becoming the first female Managing Partner at SoftBank [13:34] 
Building a portfolio career [16:49] 
Angel Investing and joining LocalGlobe [24:39] 
Common culture mistakes [32:32] 
Fair Play and creating more equality in the household [36:47] 

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Helpful links

➡️ Connect with Catherine: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-lenson/ 

➡️ Find out more about her work: https://www.catherinelenson.com/ 

➡️ Find out more about LocalGlobe: https://localglobe.vc/ 

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