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August 2, 2023

From Uni Friends to Mentorship – A Lesson In Boundaries with Béa Fertility Founder, Tess Cosad and Executive Coach, Chloé HC

This week is the final episode in our mentorship feature series, and what a four weeks it has been! 

In this series finale, James and Hannah are joined by the dynamic duo of Tess Cosad and Chloé HC.

Tess is the Co-Founder and CEO of Béa Fertility, the ambitious FertilityTech startup, focused on democratising access to safe, affordable fertility treatment.

Chloé is an accomplished product leader and coach with over 10 years experience working directly with CEOs and founding teams to shape vision, drive strategy and deliver day to day execution from Seed to Series B.

Tess and Chloé have been friends for many years after meeting at University, and although their careers went in different directions, they stay connected with their friendship ultimately evolving into one of mentorship.

Tess & Chloe
“She comes to the table with no judgement and all curiosity and allows me to explore in a way that I do my best thinking because I feel safe to do it.”

Tess Cosad & Chloé HC

Tune in to discover

From uni friendship to tackling loneliness as a Startup Founder [04:07] 
Hopping between the friend zone and mentor zone [05:36] 
Setting topic boundaries for a smoother mentorship process [08:08] 
The beauty of working in different backgrounds and having different perspectives [10:39] 
Unlocking business decisions as a mentor, from a bench in New York [14:11]
Putting your ego aside to navigate disagreements [18:15]
A no-judgement, all-curiosity approach to mentorship [22:11] 
Finding a connection and being challenged in a safe space [29:56]
How to positively un-couple and move on [34:36]
Helping you find your voice, without being over-mentored as a female Founder [35:51]
Assessing the power dynamic and nature of relationship with a prospective mentor [39:20]

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Connect with Tess: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tess-isabelle-cosad/ 

➡️ Connect with Chloe: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chlo%C3%A9-hajnal-corob-97a3407b/ 

➡️ More about Béa Fertility: https://beafertility.com/ 

➡️ More about Resonate coaching: https://resonatecoaching.co/about 

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