40 Minute Mentor

May 8, 2024

Greg Marsh: A $200m+ exit with onefinestay to helping you save on household bills with Nous

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is former VC investor turned serial entrepreneur, Greg Marsh. 

Following his time as an investor with Index Ventures, Greg went to build pioneering luxury accommodation marketplace, onefinestay, which became a global success with over 700 people and an exit via acquisition by Accor Hotel in 2016 – a deal worth more than $200m. 

But it didn’t take long for Greg to throw himself back in the Founder seat. 

In today’s episode, we discuss his career to date in detail, plus find out more about his latest venture, Nous – the smarter way to save on household bills. 

Greg Marsh
“There are days when you wake up and think ‘this is it – we’re going to be the next Google’ and then you wake up the next morning and feel like it’s all over and you’re going to fail.” 

Greg Marsh

Tune in to discover

Growing up in west London and finding his call as an entrepreneur [03:08] 
Becoming an Investor [04:37] 
The origins of onefinestay   [10:11]
Underestimating the difficulty of scaling a business [11:26] 
The collaborative nature of entrepreneurship [13:43] 
Building a support network around you [16:33] 
The emotional rollercoaster of being a Founder [18:46] 
Taking hiring seriously [21:12] 
Why Greg jumped back into the Founder seat [24:59] 
More about Nous [29:26] 
Building traction in a difficult market [34:56] 
Advantages of being a second time Founder [37:23] 
Audience Question: What practical advice do you have for making your money work harder in difficult times? [42:34] 

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Connect with Greg: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gmarsh/ 

➡️ Check out Nous: https://www.nous.co/ 

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