40 Minute Mentor

October 20, 2021

How To Succeed At Working Solo With Rebecca Seal

In today’s 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by journalist, broadcaster, TV presenter, Podcast host of ‘The Solo Collective’ and author, Rebecca Seal.

Rebecca’s had a hugely varied career so far, including working as a journalist at The Observer, featuring as a Food and Drink expert on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, writing and publishing multiple books, including her latest best seller: “Solo: How to Work Alone (and Not Lose Your Mind)” and working as a Freelance journalist and author for over 10 years.

We absolutely loved having Rebecca as a 40 Minute Mentor and know you’ll learn so much from her advice in this episode, including:

  • What it takes to have a successful career in broadcasting and what to expect from your initial years in the industry.
  • What solo working actually does to the human mind and how you can combat loneliness with a simple change in environment.
  • And Rebecca’s approach to juggling many competing priorities, without falling into the traps of over-working.

So, whether you’re a Freelancer yourself or you’re navigating a hybrid or fully remote work model, we know you’ll find this episode hugely valuable.

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