40 Minute Mentor

September 25, 2023

Inspiring and Connecting the Next Generation of British Asian Entrepreneurs, with Amardeep Parmar, Co-Founder of The BAE HQ 

In today’s bite-sized 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by fellow podcaster and good friend of JBM, Amardeep Parmar, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BAE HQ

Amardeep has been on an incredible journey – from being a Tech consultant in 2020, to setting a New Year’s resolution which made him the second fastest writer to gain 50,000 followers on Medium.com. 

Now, he’s inspiring, connecting and guiding British Asian Entrepreneurs with BAE HQ. 

Today, Amardeep shared more about his journey and the crucial lessons he has learned along the way, including…

40 Minute Mentor with Amardeep Parmar
“Never underestimate the power of a rant, if you’re going to do something about it.”

Amardeep Parmar

Tune in to discover

Traditional journey and accidental entrepreneurship [00:55] 
Questioning your identity as a Founder [04:51] 
A New Year’s resolution turned career [06:26] 
Advice for aspiring writers [08:32] 
How a rant with a friend paved the foundations for BAE HQ [10:05] 
Scaling a not-for-profit and navigating the corporate landscape [12:34] 
Connecting people for mutual success [15:26] 
The secret sauce of community building [16:28] 
A selection of stand out stories from BAE HQ [22:51]

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Helpful links

➡️ Connect with Amardeep: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amardeepsparmar/ 
➡️ Find out more about BAE HQ: https://www.thebaehq.com/
➡️ Listen to the BAE HQ podcast: https://www.thebaehq.com/podcasts 
➡️ James Mitra on BAE HQ: https://www.thebaehq.com/podcasts/episode-51-james 

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