40 Minute Mentor

Episode 15

February 3, 2020

Living Life To The Fullest Without Regret with Catherine Wines

The word ‘inspiring’ gets thrown around a lot when discussing entrepreneurs and business owners. However, with today’s guest, I can’t think of a more accurate or deserving description.

Today’s 40 Minute Mentor is the incredible Catherine Wines, co-founder of WorldRemit – a mission-driven online money transfer service that allows people to send money to friends and family living abroad.

WorldRemit is one of the most successful and fastest growing Fintechs in the UK, with a worth of almost $1bn, employing over 700 people and serving 4 million customers across 150 countries.

Catherine is one of the most high profile female leaders in Fintech so it came as a real shock to the industry when she was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer in 2018. Despite the shock of this and the ensuing treatment she has had to go through, she has remained incredibly positive and active throughout.

She continues to support WorldRemit’s as a Non-Exec Director whilst also mentoring and advising a number of other start up founders (including fellow 40 Minute Mentor guest, Alex Stephany of Beam).

Since her diagnosis, she’s paved the way for firms to improve the way they support employees living and working with cancer. We go into detail on this in today’s show and Catherine shares some great advice for anyone out there either living with, or supporting a loved one or colleague with, cancer.

“When you’re diagnosed with a disease that could take your life away much earlier than you thought, it really puts things into perspective.”

Catherine Wines

Tune in to discover

30 second CV [03:19]
Consulting foundation [04:57]
Starting WorldRemit [07:31]
Luck vs ambition [12:58]
Changes in FinTech [16:47]
Challenges in the early days [23:17]
Building culture [27:34]
Getting more women into FinTech [31:57]
Being an advisor for Beam [36:27]
The power of networking [41:02]
Being diagnosed and fighting cancer [46:23]
Supporting a team member with cancer [53:47]
Finding inspiration & mentorship [55:30]

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➡️ If you want to find out more about Catherine, check out her LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/catherine-wines-8060b26/

➡️ If you want to find out more about WorldRemit you can have a look at their website – https://www.worldremit.com/

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