40 Minute Mentor

July 19, 2023

Mentorship vs Coaching, with Ashleigh Tennent, Founder of More Happi & Lisa Rodwell, CEO at Daye

The golden mentorship moments keep on coming as we head into episode two of our new mentorship feature series. 

This week, James and Hannah are joined by Ashleigh Tennent, Founder of the coaching platform, More Happi and Lisa Rodwell, the CEO of Daye, the company bridging the gender gap in medical research and innovation. 

Together, the four discuss how to find your perfect match in a mentor and a coach and how to nurture those relationships. 

Ashleigh & Lisa
“You want someone who’s lived that same experience, and hopefully either they can pass on what worked for them, but also what didn’t work for them.”

Ashleigh Tennent & Lisa Rodwell

Tune in to discover

Blossoming from colleagues to mentorship and friendship [04:54] 
The value of trust in building a mentor relationship [07:17] 
The art of not wasting time [09:11] 
Balancing a range of roles, as a mentor [10:38] 
Finding common ground to rocket your relationship [13:47] 
Paying it forward and the benefits of ‘reverse’ mentorship [15:26] 
Respecting busy lifestyles and managing expectations [19:00] 
Navigating conflict and misunderstanding [22:11] 
Using missions or problems to hook in a prospective mentor [27:48] 
Mentor vs Coach, what’s the difference? [29:27] 
Reflections and advice for aspiring mentees and mentors [33:23] 

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Connect with Ashleigh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleightennent/ 

➡️ Connect with Lisa: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisarodwell/ 

➡️ More about More Happi: https://morehappi.com/ 

➡️ More about Daye: https://www.yourdaye.com/ 

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