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July 3, 2024

Scarlett McCabe & Lewis Iwu: The power of debating & disagreeing

The world seems more divided than ever before. 

But is it actually or are we simply shying away from debating and leaning into disagreeing with each other? 

This is exactly what we’ll explore in today’s episode – the power of debating and the benefits of disagreeing, in business and beyond. 

To help us unpack this important topic, we’re joined by Scarlett McCabe, Co-Founder and CEO of Debate Mate and Lewis Iwu, debate champion, author of ‘Words that Win’ and Co-Founder and CEO of Purpose Union. 

Scarlett McCabe & Lewis Iwu
“[Debating] teaches you to listen, to challenge well, and it teaches you all the skills that you need to be able to be in any room at any time, with anyone.”

Scarlett McCabe & Lewis Iwu

Tune in to discover

60 second CVs [04:55]
Finding the right people [13:05]
Writing your own playbook [16:50]
Introduction to debating [18:30]
What debating teaches you [22:25]
Skills needed to be good at debating [27:50]
Benefits of debating in business [30:30]
Getting into debating now [35:00]
Communicating better [37:50]
The power of disagreeing [41:30]

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Helpful links

Helpful links:

➡️ Follow Scarlett on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scarlettmccabe/ 

➡️ Follow Lewis on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lewis-iwu-b3125024/ 

➡️ Find out more about Debate Mate: https://debatemate.com/ 

➡️ Find out more about Purpose Union: https://www.purposeunion.com/ 

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Scarlett McCabe & Lewis Iwu: The power of debating & disagreeing