40 Minute Mentor

December 15, 2021

VC & Fundraising Advice – Series 6 Best Bits

Series 6 of 40 Minute Mentor might have come to a close earlier this month, but with another Series filled to the brim with advice and Scaleup insights, we thought we’d add a little something to your pre-Holiday playlist.

In this special roundup episode, we focus on a topic we often get asked about here at JBM – VC and Fundraising. Whether you’re wondering how to get into the industry or you’re a fellow Founder about to embark on your next fundraising journey, this episode features some of the movers and shakers in VC as well as first-hand insights from industry leaders and their fundraising journeys, including:

We can’t thank all of our guests and listeners enough for another amazing Series. If you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you check out the full 40 minutes with each of today’s featured guests, as well as our remaining amazing guests across Series 6 and beyond.

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