COO Secrets with Kevin Obi, Independent Consultant and ex COO at Hive

In episode 7 of our COO Secrets series, we spoke to Kevin Obi, an Independent Consultant and the ex-COO at Hive.

Kevin has a wealth of experience, having worked across a range of sectors over the last 25 years.  He has worked with some of the biggest brands, including Deloitte, Orange, Vodafone, and NBC, and currently works as a Senior Advisor and COO at a Private Equity and Venture Capitalist backed growth company.

In today’s video Kevin talks us through his diverse career and how his range of experience and roles were a great stepping-stone to becoming COO, despite recruiters telling him otherwise.

To find out more on what skills make a good COO and the day to day tasks Kevin undertakes in his role, press play below:

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