COO Secrets: Karen Kerrigan

In episode 18 of our COO Secrets series, we catch up with the amazing Karen Kerrigan, COO of Moneybox.  

Moneybox is an award-winning Series C personal finance app, helping hundreds of thousands of people save and invest for their future.

Karen is extremely passionate about the potential for technology in financial services. As a former lawyer and an innovative thinker, she was on the founding Exec Co of the Disruptive GC Network and participates in various advisory boards for tech ScaleUp initiatives. Before joining Moneybox, Karen was COO of Seedrs, as it scaled from StartUp to the leading equity crowdfunding platform it is today.

In this video, Karen delves deeper into her motto: ‘To think broadly but learn deeply’ and how it applies to the role of a COO. Karen also explains how the COO role is generally thought of as the glue that binds the company together and the crucial skills any aspiring COO needs.

To find out all this and more, just press play below:

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