COO Secrets: Libby Penn

In episode 11 of our COO Secrets series, we speak with the brilliant Libby Penn, who we had the pleasure of placing as Vice President of Operations, Defence at Improbable. A high growth Tech Scale Up and synthetic environment platform that delivers a multi-domain virtual world for operational planning and decision support for clients such as the British Army.

Libby has experience in various business development and operations roles across a number of high growth technology businesses on SaaS and enterprise models, B2B and B2C, in both the UK and the US. This has given her an in-depth insight into the complexities that come with the role as COO.

In today’s video, Libby tells us more about her career journey, how to best manage the complex tasks a COO faces, and the four most important skills aspiring COOs need to look out for.

To find out all this and more, just press play below:

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